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How I Remission-ed MY Fibromyalgia

Auto Immune Disorders be damned.  I am excited to share my success at placing my symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms in remission.  These are essentially autoimmune disorders resulting from nutritional deficiencies and dehydration accompanied by debilitating pain from inflammation; for the sake of my sanity these were the only 3 criteria I addressed and contribute to being pain free, off ALL prescription medications, eliminated my high blood pressure and lost weight (bonus).  Whole Body awareness has saved my life.  Below I have listed reference material for an overview (do your own research) and sites that I used to formulate my overall, Get Well this is Hell, protocol.  The overall process has been over 3 years of extensive research, life style changes with active experimentation that I am condensing for your reading pleasure.  Presently, my focus centers around endurance, building strength, unlocking my hips and reentering the world after over 20 years of couching it.  Good Times.

Inflammation was the sinister bugger I completely focused on because without it there is no pain this lead me to the inclusion of broad spectrum natural supplements with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties and support those things in my body not yet screaming at me such as my liver, gallbladder, eyes, etc…

Unfortunately, due to the very nature of these illnesses I cannot claim a cure but if the symptoms are gone than the disorder is silenced, my opinion.  In addition, I am not a medical professional and consulted with mine regularly and you do the same. There are mobile apps you can download to monitor your blood pressure I recorded mine am/pm copied the results to OneNote with notes on irregularities which I discussed with my physician because Fibro Fog is Real.  Note: These remarks represent my actual experiences and are not judgment:  Western medicine was unable to help me using the asymptomatic approach without addressing the cause, the medications were as bad as any disorder I experienced with numerous side effects and the pharmaceutical industry is not my friend.

The natural supplements I currently take:

  • 120,000 mg Serrapeptase am/pm first thing upon waking 1 hour before eating and 120,00 mg before going to bed – this is a therapeutic dosage I started for scar adhesion’s 30 days ago from my 2 C-Sections but it has been awesome in clearing up the residual pain I would experience from everyday living activities that left me feeling as though I were a weekend warrior who was ran over by a delivery truck, every day. Update:  Scar adhesion’s are shrinking, fascia is mobile, muscles are loosening, my energy level is increasing and physical therapy does not cause flares or pain.  My next bottle will be 80,000 mg which I will take am/pm and decrease by 20,000 monthly until I am taking 40,000 am/pm for maintenance.  This will be my staple.

FYI:  Do your research but this supplement has been used overseas for over 25 years by surgeons for patients to reduce scarring and post op complications.  The enzyme essentially dissolves dead tissue breaking it down into a protein that is eliminated by the body.  Everything does not work for everybody but this one has an exceptional track record for performance.  Your therapeutic dosage may need to be higher initially to benefit from the restorative properties.

NOTE:  Must be taken on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before eating because the benefit comes from it reaching the intestine and activating the digestive process will cause it to start working on that meal you just ate.  I wait 1 hour, just in case.  This means no coffee only 8-10 oz of water it works best with the hydration.

  • Turmeric Capsules – 1x 500 mg Definitely with any nutrient dense smoothie and/or evening meal
  • Boswellia Extract – 1x 500 mg Definitely with any nutrient dense smoothie and/or evening meal
  • Black Seed Oil – 1 TBSP with food, if I do not use any additional oil during the day for skin/hair care I will take 1 TBSP at bedtime.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – as directed to help stabilize my blood sugar levels and of course weight-loss claim (not impressed I’ve seen little weight difference since adding it), however, I no longer have episodes where my blood sugar level drops drastically for unknown reasons – at this time.
  • Green Tea (Brewed) – they have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties I will make a small batch in my 16oz teapot and sip on it all day especially if I feel out of sorts.
  • Mullein – As directed, as needed. Anti-inflammatory and does wonders on respiratory disorders.  I take this when my allergies flare to combat mucus and clear my sinuses.  My mother is an asthmatic whose attacks have been reduced to manageable and not life threatening which had caused her to be hospitalized repeatedly.  She has recommended this supplement to any and everyone she knows with respiratory disorders and they literally hug her in the streets for changing their lives.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother – 2 TBSP with 8 oz. of water just sometime during the day. NOTE:  It does affect Potassium levels so I use a couple times a week. Clears up everything and I feel it helps my supplements work more efficiently by making my body more alkaline and less acidic.

IMPORTANT:  When I initially started taking the supplements I used therapeutic levels which is primarily 2-3x the recommended allowance for a 30-day period to ensure my bodily deficiencies were addressed before scaling down to a maintenance dosage as directed on bottles.  My belief of addressing the existing inflammation and supplying my body with the necessary nutrients to combat the results of daily living movement and function is Freaking Right on Point.  Because I am anal and a researching nut at heart I have cut back on supplements and within 48 hours something somewhere on my body is hurting so I stick with my plan to avoid a relapse.

Here is what works for me over a 2-year period please use these as guidelines, I do not have a set schedule but rely on my bodies performance to determine what is needed but the basics rarely change …

  1. Primarily a nutrient dense raw food diet with meat as a side
    1. Addressed overall health and started experiencing a reduction in symptoms
    2. 1 Meat portion, per day, no bigger or thicker than the palm of my hand – simple to remember
    3. Vegetables – as much as I want at meal time
    4. My daily evening meal before 6 pm consist of 20-minute start to finish one pot dishes with meat, vegetable, garlic, onion, a brown or Indian rice. Some days fish, some days I fast, some days I make a nutrient dense smoothie sprinkled with flaxseed and chia.
  2. Smoothies or Juicers (Between/For Breakfast & Lunch – thereabouts and sometimes as an evening meal)
  3. Every couple of days with 1” piece of ginger, 2 Tbsp. Honey, ½ Lemon, handful of spinach as my base and will add a nutrient dense fruit (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, mango, etc.) when I am feeling it. The spinach has virtually no flavor and does not overpower the fruit
  1. Miniscule use of processed foods – I will have a flare up when I eat them so, make no mistake, if I do I really enjoy that puppy but I am still working on their elimination.
  2. Increase of water intake I drink about 1 liter straight and 1 liter variety of green tea, lemon slices, fruit dropped in my glass, 1 TBSP of Apple cider vinegar, etc.… I mix it up depending on what I have a taste for at the time.
  3. Honey – as my sweetener for tea infused with a piece of ginger. I literally use a baby spoon to measure ½ tsp per cup and the cup is a miniature 3oz cup when I prepare my green tea in the 16oz pot
  4. Oils – Avocado/high heat resistance, Olive Oil – salad dressings/cook, Real Butter, Grapeseed Oil – salad dressings/cook, Arrow Root – thickener for sauces. Everything in moderation.
  5. Started eating nuts, whole grains, seaweed soup, quinoa, anything but white rice
  6. My goal is to adopt the Asian culture meal preparation methodology with less emphasis on meat and primarily plant based. I will not give up meat but I don’t need to eat a cow per day either.
  7. Increase my daily activities to include performing strength building exercises with items around me such as a counter for push-ups, couch to stretch, door or walls for planks & squats, arm raises with cans, longer walks with my dog up to 30 minutes and doing exercises on trees, steps, sidewalk curbs, etc.… I have decided that where ever I am is the right time to take care of me, who needs a gym when you have the world available.
  8. Relax and Enjoy the ride.
  9. Stopped using commercial skin care products including shampoo/conditioners and stopped using toothpaste to reduce all the chemicals I unwittingly consume daily through my skin. I had perpetually dry cracked lips with aphthous ulcers that I no longer am subjected to experiencing from my reaction to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate aka: soap.

There you go my basics in a nutshell that changed my life.  The only advise I can give you is go slow and steady but start with the Serrapeptase supplement it has taken me years to understand that everything I knew was my killer for profit and researching natural supplements within different cultures has given me a new perspective and balance with great health.  Here’s to your new beginnings.

References – Please do your own research but these sites will give an excellent overview.  My research included Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine sites to make my decisions, however, I did not plan on writing about my health so I did not document all my sources but the changes I have experienced are astounding and must be shared or so my Mom’s believes:

Fibromyalgia Overview – Mayo Clinic 

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2032518/pdf/amjpathol00448-0172.pdf – Though this study was performed on animals it supported my belief that the cause of my inflammation & symptoms was related to my diet and subsequently, my environment.

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 https://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/health-benefits-of-serrapeptase/ – Serrapeptase is a superior enzyme with very healthy properties. It is used in clinical settings as an alternative to ibuprofen and other drugs.

Black Seed Oil Uses & Benefits | Wellness Mama – Black seed oil is an ancient remedy with modern uses for cancers, heart health, eczema and skin health, autoimmune disease and more.

https://draxe.com/mullein/ – Mullein: The Medicinal Herb that Fights Infections & Inflammation

http://www.everydayhealth.com/columns/therese-borchard-sanity-break/6-conditions-that-feel-like-depression-but-arent/ – Supported my Whole-Body philosophy about cause-effect-affect basically Eastern (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic (India) medicine Both of which are phenomenal for optimum health and 5,000 years old of applied science.

 http://www.freysmiles.com/blog/view/why-to-avoid-toothpastes-with-sodium-lauryl-sulfate – a common ingredient in toothpaste and as a surfactant it is basically a type of ‘soap; can increase the incidence of aphthous ulcers