Hello All!!!  My name is Bobbi a Baby Booming Grandma with 2 Grown Millennial Sons, gratefully, raised myself by a take no prisoners Traditionalists with 3 open minded Booming siblings and 3 divalicious nieces.  The world has become complicated and the lingo has changed but some basic truths have remained the same and are actually more important today than ever before with the proliferation of social media and tech games.

I plan to answer some questions, provide some frame of references for life events and give you a glimpse of how my open minded, opinionated, correlation linking, investigative and implementative mind works when I look out and see the world.  While I compartmentalize and integrate the complete societal informational overload, bring some light to outdated policies, regulatory and procedural guidelines that restrict access for the very people they were initially implemented to assist,  placing my KISS to affect change and open minds which affect our mental, spiritual & physical well-being.  By the way, how the heck do the super-achievers perform their miracles?  RIGHT, sacrifice and lots of assistance… to be a fly on them walls.

So come on in and let’s shine bright together in the world of our own making – on our own terms – by creating the self you want to be for greater peace of mind!!!!

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